Mirko Brkuljan

(1948 - )

Mirko Brkuljan was born on 14.04.1948. in Niksic, Montenegro. He graduated at the Pedagogical Academy in Niksic, Department for Fine Art Education in 1977 . He lives and works in Niksic, Montenegro.

Art becomes a free energy around us and within us.
The mind as the fastest and most powerful human means of action, finds the most space in the art.
Art is power.
Art is strength.
Art is beauty.
Art is the voice of the soul.
Art is a provocation.
Art is a rebel.
Art is the magic of the creation and birth.
Art is a passage through time and space.
Art is the power of money.
Art is freedom.
Yeah, I hit the bell of art whose echo is conquering the world.
And what is man?
The man is just a pawn in the big chess world stage.
And now, Ladies and Gentlemen,
I urge you to get on the throne and to feel the power of art, to experience the beauty to be free!
Please play the music and let the game begins.


2003 - Galerija Josip Bepo Benković, Herceg Novi / Gallery Josip Benko Benkovic, Herceg Novi
2005 - Moderna galerija Narodnog muzeja, Kragujevac / Modern Gallery of the National Museum in Kragujevac
2005 - Galerija muzeja u Prijepolju / Gallery of the Museum in Prijepolje
2006 - Galerija Nikola I, Centar za kulturu, Nikšić / Gallery Nikola I, Nikšić
2007 - Galerija Vladimir A. Leković, Bar / Gallery Vladimir A. Leković, Bar
2014 - Galerija ljetnjikovca Buća, Tivat / Gallery Buća Luković
2015 - Galerija Nikola I, Centar za kulturu, Nikšić / Gallery Nikola I, Nikšić
2016 - Umjetnički paviljon, Podgorica / Art Pavilion, Podgorica
Izlagao je na više grupnih izložbi u zemlji i inostranstvu.
He exhibited on many collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.